M7 Live is here to help you with your video production.

With M7live we help you connect all your potential viewers to your event. So simple anyone can do it!






How does M7Live stand out above the rest?

M7Live isn't just an app, its an experience. We're with you from the start and all the way through your event.

We wont leave you to be the technical director or producer of your live event. Our staff will take care of all of that for you. We can even work with another producer or director remotely.

After I purchase a package, what's next?

Once you have selected the package to best fit your needs we then move into our planning phase.

Planning consists of a video conference call between your chosen point of contact for the event and an assigned technical director from our team.

Live Event Streaming by Mach7 Enterprises

Utilizing high-definition live streaming our platform enables a virtual event with unlimited guests worldwide. Utilizing personal devices from attendees of your event , a remote producer switches between angles to capture every moment of the day. Guests simply click a link to your website to watch.

Still have unanswered questions?

Send us a message or schedule your free consultation to see how it all works.